June 9, 2012

Cinnamon Style: Applets

The Cinnamon version of Linux Mint also packs some nice features along with theme customisability. The window manager also comes with 'Applets' that will enhance your productivity whilst using Linux Mint. Applets are simple little programs that sit on your panel and provide a variety of features such as showing you to weather to showing you system information.

To enable/disable Applets, simply open up Cinnamon Settings and click the Applets option. Here you will see a list of Applets which you can enable or to disable by clicking the checkboxes. To reorganise the Applets on your panel, click the Panel Edit Mode option to 'On' in the Panel Settings drop-down menu on the panel (should be an arrow icon).

You can install third-party Applets as well. The best place to find them is by heading over to the Cinnamon website under the 'Applets' page.

To install a Cinnamon Applet:
  • Download and extract your Applet package
  • Open up your home directory and unhide files (Ctrl+H)
  • Navigate to the 'Applets' folder: ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets
  • Head back into Cinnamon Settings and Applets to enable your applet
  • Do Alt+F2 and r if needed
Applets are a great way to customise your Linux system the way you want it to be. In addition to Applets are Extensions. These are slightly different and are not related to the panel.