June 7, 2012

Apple and its battle against Android


I found this funny picture whilst browsing through the various Android news sites today. From this picture you cna just imagine what is going on with Apple right now. Yes, it is the battle between the smartphone operating system giants- Apple and Android.

It seems like Apple is at it again, trying to go against Android in the courts. This time its with HTC again asking for enforcement over the "data tapping" hyperlink menu. HTC claims to have a workaround already implemented around the patent but Apple as always wants an emergency proceeding to get many HTC devices banned from import into the US. Hit the source link for the list of devices that Apple wants to ban.

Of course this complaint is without the ridiculous patents that Apple try to fight for such as the patent for any data that returns a menu of multiple actions like share, copy, or open in a web browser. In addition, Apple has also added the Samsung Galaxy SIII in their complaint over the "slide to unlock" feature and some other patents.

In my opinion, this is just utterly childish for two giant mobile operating system companies to fight it out over some measly little feature that everyone just takes for granted. Who really cares if the "slide to unlock" feature is patented. What really is the motive for these tech giants is our money in our wallets. They will go to any means (legally or illegally) to disrupt the opposition. This is business at its worst but really must be necessary as this is a 'fight or die' world.