June 25, 2012

Anime Review: Terra e...

Based on the movie in 1980 of the same name, Terra e... the anime series brings back some nostalgia and some new ideas and concepts of a greater storyline and more information between the conflict of humans and Mus.

Terra e...Synopsis:

In the future, humans are living on colonized planets and are controlled in every aspect of their life by a system of computers. Evolution has resulted in the birth of people with extraordinary powers. This new race is called Mu. Hated and feared by the humans, the Mu dream of a place to live in peace: Earth - a mystical far away planet - for humanity had to leave their home long ago as pollution and destruction increased and made it impossible to stay there any longer.

Jomy is a boy excitedly awaiting his birthday, the day he will enter the world of adults. Yet he knows nothing about the unknown powers sleeping in him and the shared dream of returning to Earth one day.


The story is set in a far future where the Earth has been destroyed by humans due to result of war and pollution. As a result, the humans have abandoned their home planet and have resided in other planets. To have total control of society and to restrict the freedom of people's will so that such a event won't happen again. the SD System was created. This system controlled the human society subtly and all who do not obey will be eradicated. Many experiments were made to create the "perfect" human and so the Mu are basically failed experiments of the system. The Mu contain large amounts of psychic powers that allows them to read the minds of people as well as communicating via telepathy. As a result of such abnormal powers, the Mu are hated and feared by the humans and so an all out war begins between the humans and the Mu. The Mu on the other hand are on a mission to return to Earth (which is their promised land) so that they can live in harmony with or without human hindrance. The story is pretty generic when explain in a broad view, but the in-depth explanations and the conflicts between humans and Mu make this a pretty interesting story to watch. The anime also reveals some truths about the personalties of human; such as greed, corruption, and selfishness.

The art was a mixed bag. There was some pretty awesome space battles and some one-on-one action; but the background scenery for space travel looked a bit too "fake". It just seems like a black background with white dots than an actual representation of space. It felt too "2D" than "3D" if you get what I mean. Other than that. the environments of the planets and inside the spaceships were pretty decently illustrated. I guess the inside of all spaceships look the same. Characters had limited detail and they took a little while to get used to, due to there large eyes and pale skin. Other than that, everything else was fine.

Music was not an issue here. The theme songs were rather memorable and were appropriate to the anime. The ending song was somewhat relevant and had a "spacey" feel to it. Voice acting was average from everyone. I did not find them particularly interesting or captivating but just plain boring. The lack of emotions in dialogue for some scenes really ruined the mood.. Some of the characters had constant mood swings for ranging from fear to complete rage.

Speaking of characters, I did not find a particular character I liked. It seems that the character's relationships and associations with each other seem to constantly "chop and change" so to speak. Somehow, all the characters seemed to know each other but suddenly they get split apart and they don't meet for a few year later. Oh and I forgot, this anime seems to like to jump forward in time. It starts of with the main characters at the age of 14 and by the end they are perhaps 26 or older. I completely lost track of time and the anime did not provide titles that indicated that time as passed. You seem to have to guess how many years have passed from the dialogue. Anyway, there were too may characters and little development. I did not feel any connection with them at all.

Overall, it was an interesting storyline to an extent. It touches on society's moral regarding the difference between the humans and the Mu and it also explains the consequences of destroying the Earth. The art was decent and there were some nice battle scenes. Music was pretty average and voice acting was plain. There was limited character development since there were too many characters throughout the anime. As a result, there was no real connection to any of them. Terra e... is probably best suited for space adventure sci-fi fans which have plenty of time to kill.

The story was generic in many ways. There was some interesting plot twists but there was too many gaps in the story to fully comprehend what is happening.

ART: 7
Some nice battle animations and sceneries. Characters had limited detail though and that made the anime lack substance.

Voice acting quality was rather plain and boring. Music and theme songs were pretty average as well.

Too many characters and too little explanations! I felt no connections with any of them.

So the sci-fi jargon and spaceships were interesting; everything was a bit plain.

I can't say that I totally enjoyed this anime; there were some engaging moments and some boring ones. It really depends if you are into space sci-fi or not.