June 19, 2012

Anime Review: Nisemonogatari

Want to find out more after what happened in Bakemonogatari? Then look no further as Nisemonogatari brings you an indirect sequel somewhat related to the original story.


After the events of Bakemonogatari, Araragi Koyomi wakes up to find himself being held captive by his girlfriend Senjougahara Hitagi. Koyomi flashes back to earlier in the day, where he meets up with the various girls he helped from the first series. On his way home, he meets a curious figure named Kaiki Deishu, the same swindler that once targeted Hitagi. Now, Koyomi’s own little sister is in danger of falling for one of Kaiki’s curses.


Nisemonogatari differs a lot from Bakemonogatari in many ways. For one, the story now is focused more on Koyomi's sisters rather than Hitagi. Hitagi plays a minor role as his kandere girlfriend but is less involved with the main plot. This time it is up to Koyomi himself and with the help of a few other girls to solve his sister's problems. One thing I noticed in Nisemonogatari is the lack of seriousness in the anime, sure there were some fight scenes, but they mostly felt a bit toned down compared to the sequel. Also, somehow this anime turned into one great big harem with many of the girls being so ecchi it felt a bit out of context to the overall story. Like I suddenly asked myself why did the anime just suddenly took a turn into a hare ecchi comedy show? It this actually a proper sequel at all? This still mystifies me as to why the story turned out that way.

The art was once again experimental using different camera angle shots and a variety of art styles in every episode. It was an interest take on the anime as nothing is what it seems. The character details were once again well illustrated and animated fluidly. I noticed some nice varied colour scheme uses and some figurative and symbolic objects in the anime.

The theme songs were quite enjoyable and rather appropriate to this anime. Especially the ending song was quite catchy indeed. Voice acting was once again perfect and consists of the same cast as before. Nothing majorly different than the prequel.

Since this anime is more comedy and romance than action, the character's personalities and attitudes have changed slightly to the more "appealing" type. Even the scary kuudere girlfriend, Hitagi, gets a bit emotional at times. I will stop here as explain how these characters differed from the prequel might ruin your viewing experience.

Overall, I enjoyed the anime to an extent. I was slightly disappointed that the story is more of a indirect spin-off than a good continuation of the action and mystery that Bakemonogatari presented. The character's personalities slightly changed whether that was a good thing or not I have no idea. Perhaps the creators meant this sequel to be more laughable and enjoyable than serious. In the end, some elements were funny and that is all that counts in this anime. Consider it to be a romantic comedy with a twist.

Rather different from the prequel and more ecchi than serious.

ART: 8
Rather well animated and good use of experimental art.

Theme songs were catchy and character voice acting was perfect as before.

Some change in personalities with characters somehow ruined the show slightly.

As much as I love action, some romantic comedy elements is also enjoyable as well.

I would say that Nisemonogatari may have been less of an action-packed anime than Bakemonogatari but some fight scenes were pretty awesome.