June 18, 2012

Anime Review: Bakemonogatari

Simply put, if you are into the tsundere/kuudere type of girl then look no further, Bakemonogatari is all about troubled girls in a different kind of way.


Bakemonogatari centers around Koyomi Araragi, a third year high school student who was attacked by a vampire on a Golden Week. One day, a classmate named Hitagi SenjŨgahara, whom he never talks to, fell from the stair to his arm. He then becomes aware of Hitagi's secret about having almost no weight. After being threaten by her, Koyomi offered her a help and introduced her to Meme Oshino, a middle-aged man who helped him in the past.


Bakemonogatari is more of a romantic comedy anime with a twist; that is, the the girls that the main characters all have problems with supernatural events in their lives. As a saved person himself, it is up to Koyomi Araragi to make things straight and help these girls overcomes their personal problems with the help of Meme Oshino. Of course, you got to have some conflict in love interest to make this story interesting and that is how Hitagi Senjogahara comes into play. This tsundere (or rather kuudere) girl is full of mixed emotions and mysterious. She's unreadable and unpredictable; which makes this anime that more interesting to watch!

The art uses an interesting concept of symbolic art and unexplainable phenomenon that is enjoyable to watch.  Diverting from your standard action shots, the anime tends to be more experimental with animation and action shots in a fluid way. That being said, visuals for the anime got somewhat of an "art house film" treatment. There were many abstract and surreal scenes, unconventional cuts, and intriguing camera angles that made the viewing experience very pleasant. Character designs were attractive, and main characters had visually shown a wide range of emotion that further portrays the character's state of mind.

The characters' voices fit perfectly in the anime, and not only that, distinct tones and nuance of speech establish unique impressions for every single character. The characters speak so fast in this series with lots of tongue twisters, but the seiyuu cast had done a wonderful job in keeping up. The music has a generally consistent ambient feel to it with a nice flow. The theme songs are nice and catchy.

The anime basically covers all forms of "tsundere" types including kuudere and dandere. The main character is probably considered a masochist as he constantly takes verbal assault from most of the girls as especially his kuudere girlfriend that seems to love and hate him at the same time. It was rather confusing and harsh at first watching them interact is the most "unloving" way possible but after a while you come to accept that Hitagi's feelings for Koyomi were real. You also got the extremely cute Hachikuji Mayoi which tend to get "sexually harassed" a lot by Koyomi which is quite hilarious. You also got Kanbaru Suruga which has a pretty sick mind. Besides these main characters there a few others which were quite interesting.

Overall, it was more of a romantic comedy story than a supernatural action film. The anime rather focuses on character development and the relationships between the characters rather than explaining he supernatural events that occur in the anime. If you are into tsundere and kuudere type of girls than Bakemonogatari will satisfy your interests.

It was fun, entertaining and engaging. Loved the characters.

ART: 8
Experimental art style that just worked well in the anime. The characters all looked nice and attractive.

Theme songs were catchy and the voice acting was perfect.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the characters interact with each other.

It was engaging and entertaining. Not your typical romantic comedy.

Perfect for tsundere and kuudere loving types.