May 3, 2012

What's this 'zerg rush'?

Google Zerg Rush

It's definitely a bit late for Google to release April's fool jokes but this is no joke at all. It seems like we have landed into another Google search easter egg that seem to have been releases a few days ago. Typing 'zerg rush' into Google search will bring about your doom. Really.

Type the search into Google and dozens of letter “Os” will appear on your screen, obliterating your search results. Users earn points by clicking on the letters to stop them in their tracks.

The easter egg is a homage to ‘90s computer game Starcraft in which aliens known as “Zergs” would descend upon (and often destroy) the player.

Once all the letters have been immobilised, they form into two giant letter “Gs”. At least that’s what various websites are claiming happens because nobody has seen this happen first hand.

“Defeat is inevitable,” wrote Ubergizmo.

CNET concurred, claiming users were “fighting a losing battle”.

Fear not, though you may never win, at least you can rest easy in the knowledge that you can defend the interwebs once more, simply by clicking the “refresh” button.

So if you are a serious Starcraft player (Rhycen), give this a go and see how your APM racks up! How many Zerglings can you defeat?