May 10, 2012

Website Changes

This month so far has been full of changes. Firstly our Minecraft server got moved from a paid hosting provider to my local server. This meant faster ping rates and less lag with in the game. 

Also, another milestone achieved was the 5000 hits goal of My Bubbletea Time. This was celebrated with a spamming of posts and a website redesign. The main template stayed the same, but the logo, background, colour scheme, and tabs were changed.

I also introduced a few new services integrated into the My Bubbletea Time umbrella. These were the forum that allows anyone to post comments in. Also, a handy Server Status page has been added to view server statistics and information. Lastly, not open to public, some private administration tools have also been added; phpmyadmin and Redmine(upcoming).

Not forgetting the Subsonic server that I recently opened, this hosts all my music collection. The music streaming server is currently private and limited to my few friends. I do not plan to open up registrations in the near future due to bandwidth limiting and resource usage.

Now to today's announcement. The IRC channel has been deprecated. Why?
  • Lack of interest and users
  • The forum would be more interactive and allows anyone to post
  • The chatbots gave numerous errors stopped connecting to the IRC channel
So that's it for today. Right now, I am focusing on getting Redmine up and running. This would occur in 5 days when Redmine 2.0 is released. During that time I will also been posting regularly on the blog as well as monitoring and fixing the MBT server.

Time to get off,