May 18, 2012

Wallch: Wallpaper slideshow on Linux

If you have been using the recent versions of Ubuntu and variants you may have noticed that although there is no wallpaper slideshow function in the Appearance settings, Ubuntu in fact actually does support wallpaper slideshows. Using a wallpaper slideshow requires editing of XML file/s which most users would not bother to deal with. Hence, Wallch is a simple wallpaper slideshow program that allows you to do just that. Easily and efficiently create your own wallpaper slideshow without the need of editing any XML file. Of course, it has limited functionality so for advanced users who love to tweak, XML is still the best way to go.

The most recent version of Wallch natively supports Ubuntu's Unity interface. From the quick links, you can easily "Start", "Stop", and "Pause" the current slideshow. There are a few other handy options such as manually changing to the next wallpaper or just opening the program window itself.

If you are really bored and out of wallpapers to use, you can always resort back to the Live Earth Wallpaper. Its simple and down to earth.

Download and install

For Ubuntu 12.04: You can simple install Wallch from the Ubuntu Software Centre or click this link if you are too lazy to. For those who love the Terminal you can always do a sudo apt-get install wallch.

For Ubuntu 11.10: You will have to use the older version of Wallch.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wallch/wallch-ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wallch

To enable autorun on startup

These steps are quite important if you want Wallch to run automatically when you log in.

Step 1: Open up Startup Applications from your programs
Step 2: Click Add and input whatever name and comment you like
Step 3: For command, type sh -c "sleep 10 && wallch --constant &"
Step 4: You are done! Enjoy your wallpaper slideshow!

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