May 29, 2012

Update that Flash in Linux

Adobe Flash PlayerIf you are using Linux, you are probably aware that your Flash player is probably out of date. You update manager is useless is these situations as they do not provide the latest update to propriety software packages provided by third-party members. Hence, the only solution to upgrade these software is by manually downloading and installing them from the vendor's website.

After searching for a answer to the Flash update problem, I came across a blog post somewhere on the internet that listed some easy steps in upgrading Flash player on your Linux system.

Steps to update Flash:
  • Go to and select ".tar.gz for other Linux" as download option
  • Once the download has completed, extract the contents anywhere you like
  • Next, open up Terminal and type sudo nautilus
  • In the extracted files, copy to /etc/alternatives (overwrite previous file)
  • Restart your browser and Flash should be updated
Simple right? Took me ages to figure out and now I'm glad there's no more annoying popup bars in Google Chrome about outdated Flash player.