May 29, 2012

PSotD - Code Geass R1 OST 1

So the story goes, when and if pumpkin gets addicted to something, pumpkin gets addicted to it; stalks it to death; collects everything related to it; hallucinates about it; drools over it; breathes it; goes crazy (a.k.a. fangirls) over it; it becomes the only thing pumpkin talks about; and repeat.
What's pumpkin's latest craze? Code Geass (+bishies).

Title: Stream of Consciousness; Cold Nobility; The First Signature; In Justice; All Hail Britannia!!!
Artist: Nakagawa Koutarou
Year: 2006
Notes: A selection of songs from the first OST of the first season of the anime Code Geass (with some picture spammage in between)
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