May 4, 2012

MBT 5000 Unleashed

I am happy to announce that My Bubbletea Time has officially surpassed 5000 hits!

This is a huge milestone for us as we have been working hard everyday in keeping you up to date to the latest news, reviews and thoughts of the world around us, the web, and life in general.

Looking back these few months it seems that time has passed quickly and more content is being uploaded each day. As we look back we remember the errors we made, the functions we broke and the typos we typed. However, in the end everything is fixed and we gain new experiences.

As a small celebration of 5000 hits, the team has revealed the MBT 5000 project. This project is not a single project but a compilation of posts and work done by the My Bubbletea Time team and posted specially for today.

There will be an anime review, Android news, Android tips, Pumpkin's Song of the Day, Technology news and more for a one big massive day of posting. Throughout the day, many new posts will be posted on the blog so keep tuned!

As for my contribution I have been working hard in maintaining and keeping the blog alive and going. If you have noticed that I have done some minor tweaking to the overall appearance of the blog. Look for yourself!

In addition, my special MBT 5000 contribution is the My Bubbletea Time team's special photomontage themed 'Who we are and what we like'. It is a 1920x1080 resolution image that contains many pictures of either us or the things we love. You may download it and use it as a wallpaper or to add to your collection.

And here it is...!


Meanwhile, the team is already working hard posting content for you to enjoy! No time to rest, more work to do. Hmm, I wonder what will happen when we hit the 10000 mark? Wait and see!

Have a nice day,