May 18, 2012

Linux Mint 13 RC is ready

The Linux Mint team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 13 “Maya” RC.

Available in two editions, Linux Mint 13 features the choice between a productive, stable and mature MATE 1.2 desktop and the brand new modern-looking and exciting Cinnamon 1.4. These two desktops are among the best available, they’re perfectly integrated within Linux Mint and represent great alternatives to Gnome 2 users. Linux Mint 13 is also an LTS (Long Term Support) release and it will be supported until April 2017.
MATE Edition
Cinnamon Edition
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Mate 1.2

Until Linux Mint 11, the main edition featured a "Gnome 2" desktop. In the last two years, Gnome 2 was discontinued and abandoned by its development team and a majority of Linux distributions. Developers in the Linux community gathered and joined forces within a new project, called MATE, to save the Gnome 2 desktop. The latest Gnome 2 codebase was renamed and MATE now provides the same desktop as Gnome 2 under a different name.

Cinnamon 1.4

Cinnamon was born for the same reasons as MATE. Gnome 2 was one of the core components of Linux Mint, and Gnome 3 lacked the features and design of a suitable alternative. Linux Mint started by developing the extra features it needed on top of Gnome 3 and eventually started to develop its own environment called Cinnamon.

Both Linux Mint and the MATE project came up with really good alternatives to Gnome, but in completely different ways.

Cinnamon is built on Clutter and Gnome 3. It's a modern-looking environment with a traditional and familiar desktop. It features compositing, animations and some unique innovations but it relies on 3D acceleration, lacks some of the features found in Gnome 2 and isn't yet compatible with every graphics card available on the market.


MDM is a new Display Manager, which code is based on GDM 2.20. It provides graphical configuration tools, themeability, remote, automatic and timed login, event scripting, language selection and it comes with more features than any other Display Manager currently available.

Artwork Improvements

Linux Mint 13 features the latest Mint-X and Mint-Z themes and better support for GTK3.

Search Engine Yahoo

Linux Mint switches to Yahoo as the default search engine for the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Yahoo is the 2nd biggest search engine in the World, and the first major search engine to share revenue with Linux Mint. The results page is full of features, it comes with a nice layout, images, videos and blogs search, points of interest, time filters and cached results. Underneath the interface, Yahoo comes with a strong network of advertisers and its addition represents a huge opportunity and an additional source of income for Linux Mint. (My opinion: Why Yahoo!?)

Upstream Components

Linux Mint 13 features the following upstream components: Ubuntu 12.04, Linux 3.2, MATE 1.2, Cinnamon 1.4.