May 13, 2012

Kairosoft, just take my money and go!

I have never bought so many apps from one developer in my life. Kairosoft does amazing things by taking a simple formula and expanding it in so many different categories it's just genius. The games Kairosoft does are just simple simulation games of all sorts and so I say, "Kairosoft, just take my money and go!"

From the humble beginnings of Game Dev Story, Kairosoft have grown into a large company providing us with many different simulation games of all sorts. Let's take a look at Game Dev Story and why it was so popular.

Game Dev Story was launched back in 2010 on the iOS platform. Since then, it has been ported to Android as well, making a huge hit in the then 'Android Market' (now as known as the Play Store). So what did Game Dev Story have that no other app had? Simply put it was original, simple and structured. Game Dev Story provided us with a game with unlimited possibilities, allowing us to become a 'games developer' and by running our own games company. It was a dream come true! There were plenty of options to choose from and their were random events. It was perfect (for us and for Kairosoft)!

Kairosoft didn't just stop there, next came Hot Springs Story. A wondrous simulation game that lets you control your own hot springs resort. Here the user interface and items were changed, however the core gameplay stayed. It was another addictive game by Kairosoft yet again.

Oh will Kairosoft stop after two games? Of course not! When you are on a roll, you never ever stop. Who can ever forget Grand Prix Story, the racing team manager simulation game. You are the manager of a racing team striving to get to the top. The game allows you to hire/fire crew, research cars and parts, create cars and upgrade them. This was probably my favourite Kairosoft game of all time.

To satisfy the fanbase even further, Kairosoft ventured into the sports genre and released Pocket League Story. This was a simple soccer management game that of course made you the manager of a soccer team. It was simple and fun, you were even able to participate in various local to international competitions.

Did the games stop there? No! Kairosoft had yet another plan up their sleeves. This time it was World Cruise Story where you took control of a luxury cruise liner that travelled the world. It was the same formula all over again and fans were starting to bored of the series.

So what did Kairosoft do? Release another game of course! Epic Astro Story was released and it was one epic game indeed. The game was reusing the same formula however there were many changes to the gameplay. For one, you took control of a space colony which you had to manager people and food. In addition, you were expected to explore the areas with dungeons as well as doing research into ships and weaponry. Lastly, you were tasked to explore the many other planets in the galaxy. It was a big game, and many fans returned to the series to find it was extremely addictive. Kairosoft had done it again.

Something still lacked, what was it? *Buzz!* Of course! It was a shopping mall simulation game that was missing, and so, Mega Mall Story was released. Much like Sim Tower and Tiny Tower, Mega Mall Story gave you unlimited possibilties in creating your own mega mall complex. With so many shops to choose from, and the ability to build elevators, escalators and such, Mega Mall Story was another success. It was fun and addictive.

By now you would think, have they run out of ideas yet? The answer was no. Kairosoft decided to venture into the RPG genre and produced one of the most addictive games yet, Dungeon Village. This was the first time that there was no 'Story' in the title. Here you look after a village and train classes or all sorts. From warriors to mages, it was endless possibilities of equipment customization and skills. Along with the endless monsters that seem to pop-up out of nowhere, Dungeon Village was a huge success with fans worldwide.

Remember that Facebook game Restaurant City from long ago? It was a huge success and many were addicted to it. Not to be outdone by Restaurant City, Kairosoft decided to do some of their magic and create their own version; Cafeteria Nipponica. It was fun. You could take control multiple restaurants at once as well as research and upgrade dishes. Hiring and firing staff were also available as a feature and customizing your restaurant to your tastes was just exhilarating. Was this the end? Is there actually something else Kairosoft hasn't done yet? You guess it, it was a big no!

The latest game by Kairosoft is Pocket Academy. From the name you might have guess already that it is a school simulation game. Create and manage your dream school! What kind of school do you want? Here, Pocket Academy allows you to stylize your school to your liking in any way you want. The core gameplay element is back but with additional options and refinements from the other games.

So this ends my rant of Kairosoft. I love and hate them at the same time. I love their games but I hate them for making me buy every single game they release. It seems that I have become a hardcore fan of Kairosoft and their games never get boring. How do they do it? I don't know, but one thing I know, the Japanese can do anything. So what is in store for us next?

If you got lots of time on your hands and you love simulation games, you must check out the games by Kairosoft. You will get addicted. Guaranteed.