May 29, 2012

Facebook to buy Opera?

Hot on the heels of a rumoured Facebook Phone comes speculation the social media giant will acquire the Opera web browser. Suprised?

Facebook to buy Opera: reportFacebook is planning to take on Google, Apple and Mozilla in the browser arena with Opera, and given its popularity among mobile users, it would certainly make sense for Facebook to build its proposed phone around the Opera browsing experience.

A well-integrated and polished Facebook browser could be beneficial to heavy users – although there might be a backlash from the Opera faithful. Compared with other mobile browsers, Opera seems to be among one of the popular browsers used by many smartphone owners.

Facebook is yet to comment on the reports, but it is highly likely that this will happen eventually.

Will it actually take off? Opera is pretty much last compared with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Will it come crashing down like Facebook's stocks?

[via CRN]