May 31, 2012

Customizing Linux Mint: Cinnamon Themes

If you use Linux Mint then you should be using Cinnamon or MATE as your default user interface. Whilst I don't mind MATE at all, I mainly use Cinnamon because of its new features and customizability.

To all those using Cinnamon, it is really easy to install and change your Cinnamon theme. With Linux Mint 13 comes a whole bunch of preinstalled themes.

To change your theme:
  • Open up Cinnamon Settings and navigate to the Themes tab.
  • In the Cinnamon Themes tab, select the theme you want to apply
  • Done! Simple as that.
If you want to install your own Cinnamon theme, head over here to check out some user made Cinnamon themes.

To install a Cinnamon theme:
  • Extract your theme if it has been compressed and navigate to your home folder
  • Press Ctrl+H to unhide hidden files and create a ".themes" folder if there isn't one there
  • Copy your extracted theme folder into the ".themes" folder
  • Open up Cinnamon Settings and into Themes
  • Your theme should appear here, select it to apply the theme
If for some reason your theme doesn't apply correctly or there are inconsistencies with your changed theme then you may need to reload the window manager. To do this simply to a Alt+F2 then r.

That's it! It is that easy to change your Cinnamon theme. There are also other themes that you can change to such as your Window theme and GTK+ theme. I will cover those later on.