May 8, 2012

Critical security update now available for Adobe Flash in Google Play

Adobe Flash Update Android

Back in May 2010, when Android 2.2 FroYo was released with support for Adobe Flash, the entire Android ecosystem glittered with pride, as Flash support was the one thing that the Apple iPhone and its iOS lacked, and still lack to the date of this article.

Given that, since then, the web has been slowly moving to HTML 5 (some say smartphone apps will take that path as well in the near future). Flash content might very well be a thing of the past: just name three websites with Flash content that you visit regularly and do not offer a HTML 5 version as well.

Those of you with the ability to choose the content that you visit on your smartphone (as in “those of you with an Android smartphone”) should be aware that Adobe has recently identified a critical vulnerability nested inside their Flash app, one that potential hackers could use to crash apps or hijack your system.

Despite the fact that most of those affected are using a PC, Adobe has also released a security update for the Android version of Adobe Flash. Just like all updates available for your apps, you can install the Adobe Flash update by going to My Apps inside Google Play, choosing the app you want to update and then tapping Update.

As a side note, one of the best habits you can force on yourself as an Android user is to constantly check for updates and apply them when available. Granted, not all of them are critical security updates, but they usually make apps better by bringing new features, tweaking, and polishing them, to provide an overall better experience.