May 17, 2012

Chrome Native Notifications in Linux

If you use an web-apps or websites in Chrome that provides desktop notification integration then you'll know how they are out of place in Ubuntu.

Although Chrome's 'toast' notifications are consistent across all three major operating systems, there is no unified notification system with the way Ubuntu users are used to seeing their new email, chat or tweet alerts.

Default Chrome notifications are out of place
Take a look at the default notification from Chrome using Ubuntu's native notification system.
tweetdeck web app shows native notifications in Ubuntu

Look much better, right? This requires a simple extension that you can easily download and install on Ubuntu.

The extension is called Linux Native Notifications and it supports GNOME Shell desktop notifications as well as those by Unity. I have not tried using it with Cinnamon, so I am unsure if the extension would work. It is compatible with Ubuntu 11.10 variants and onwards.