May 12, 2012

Best Apps for Rooted Phones

Having a rooted phone grants you access to many customizable features on your Android device. However, if you want to fully take control of your phone, using rooted apps is a must. Here are the best app for rooted phones.

Root Explorer [Link]
Every rooted phone has it. Without it, you cannot copy, mode, delete or modify system protected files. The only way to do it is by using apps such as Root Explorer. By using this, it's possible to alter system settings for hacking purposes.

SD Speed Increase [Link]
SD Speed Increase can alter a setting in the system files to increase the cache size on a memory card. Not every phone supports it so read the instructions before attempting to do any modifying.

Adfree Android [Link]
Having ads in apps is just plain annoying. They sometimes get into your way and makes the app look unprofessional. What to do? Well Adfree Android basically blocks ads from appearing in many of your apps. Note that you may see a white/black screen in some apps where the ad is supposed to appear in.

Titanium Backup [Link]
This app is a must for those who regularly flash custom ROMs on their device. It simply backs up all your apps and their data so you can easily restore them as they were before you wiped your phone. In addition, you can also uninstall all those nasty bloatware lingering uselessly in your precious system memory.

SetCPU [Link]
For those who love to tweak their Android phones to their liking, SetCPU is definitely recommended for use. The app allows you to easily change the phone's CPU speed to a lower or higher value. You can also set user profiles that automatically change the clock speed whenever you turn off your screen. The app also features many customizable options that hackers will find useful.

There are also many other apps that are for rooted phones on the Play Store. Note that I didn't include Superuser because that app is automatically installed when you root the phone. Anyhow, I hope this little post will help all those Android users out there whether they are considering rooting the phone or have already rooted it.