May 25, 2012

Another update by Lunduke - May 2012

Bryan Lunduke, the programming genius has released a a statement on what's to come relatively close in the future of his projects. Here are the full status of his various projects.


Illumination Software Creator

Version 4.4 is just about ready for Beta roughly within a week.  The number of new features in this release is staggering. New stuff in 4.4 includes: Resizable UI’s (control locking), List boxes, Checkboxes, Reading and writing the contents of a dictionary to a local file, Dictionary variable default value editor, and a bunch more.   It is anticipated that the update will roll out to the public roughly a day or two after the Linux Tycoon for Android launch.


BLABA has gone through some heavy optimisation.  The net result is that the drawing routines in BLABA are now roughly 1200% faster (that’s twelve hundred percent) than in Beta 2.  This means that low end machines will finally be able to run BLABA at full speed. The UI has been re-tooled a bit and everything is now available at once.

Lunduke SDK

Lunduke SDK has been undergoing many changes.  The Illumination Software Creator and BLABA uses  the Lunduke SDK to get things done.  There will not be a public release right now but Lunduke has guaranteed that within the next few months the SDK will be released.

Radical Comic Designer

The Windows version is planned to be finish next week and some other minor features will be added to the Linux version. No major changes here.


Linux Tycoon

The Android version hit final play testing a few days back. The game is expected to be released soon.  Online play has continued in very limited  beta testing and will be released when it's ready.

2299: THE GAME

There may be a DOS version coming out.  It’s real and there are screenshots to be released soon.  According to Lunduke, the game is "almost ready" and will be released "when you least expect it".


Road-Sign Hank

There will be a total of 5 issues in this story arc.  Issues #3 and 4 are complete and 5 is in the works.  The web comic will be released as a digital distribution, and as a single volume.  No ETA on when issue 5 will be done.


No new developments as the comic is now under mid-season break. It will return in a little over a week.

[via Lunduke]