May 7, 2012

Android Tweaks: Install a new bootscreen

Customizing Android isn't limited to what happens when the phone is running. It's even possible to decide what happens when the device is starting up. With the right tools at your disposal, installing a new start-up animation is a pretty easy root hack.

A. Searching
There are a few decent places on the internet that host a number of animated bootscreens. has a collection of good ones available at Pick one and download. Other good sites are the xda-developers forum as when as a general Google search will bring about many results. Make sure you check that you are searching for the right screen resolution for your phone.

B. Move and rename
Open Root Explorer and rename the file to Browse to "data/local" and rename to bootanimation.bak. This will create a backup file just in case if anything goes wrong. Paste the downloaded file into this folder and reboot.

C. Reboot
Your new animation will appear after rebooting. If it doesn't, move the file to "system/media". Failing that, try Googling your device and "" for more help. The xda-developers forum is a good place to start before you try other methods of search.

On a side note, there are plenty of apps on the Play Store that allows you to easily download and install boot animations without manually renaming and moving files. I recommend using this approach as to manually doing the work. This minimizes issues and prevents you from accidentally doing something you should not have.