May 10, 2012

Android Tweaks: Install live wallpapers

One of the key selling points of Android is the capability to have live wallpapers; backgrounds that can be animated or even interact with how the phone is being used. Finding new ones to install is easy as browsing the Play Store. However, note that whilst using live wallpapers is fun, it also drains your battery very quickly and also uses up your clock cycles in your CPU. Choosing wisely would be the best option to have a fancy wallpaper as well as saving those precious %s on your phone.

A. Find a new wallpaper
Open the Play Store app and search for 'live wallpaper'. A long list of available items will be listed for downloading. Pick one that looks ideal and download it using the same process as any other install.

B. Installing live wallpaper
Installing a live wallpaper is very easy to do. From the home screen press Menu then Wallpaper then Live Wallpaper. The next menu shows your new wallpaper. Select it and tap Set Wallpaper on the next screen.

C. Other wallpaper sources
Browsing the Play Store can be a bind. There are other places online that are more suited to browsing. The site is a great place to look for live wallpapers that are linked to the Play Store.