May 4, 2012

Android Tweaks: Install a custom ROM

Want even more customization? Tired of your current system setup? Want to try something new and cool? Then look no further! Installing a custom ROM is the most effective way to customise an Android device. Whether it's an elaborate new take on Android or a ROM that's built for speed and efficiency, ROM Manager is the quickest way to do it.

Note that not all phones readily support ROM Manager, and installing a custom ROM will void your warranty. Get ready for lots of flashing, charging, and customizing. I will only cover one method of simple ROM flashing here, but do check out the xda-developers forum for helpful guides for individual Android devices.

A. Choose a ROM
Open ROM Manager, scroll down the main menu and select the 'Download ROM' option. A list of suitable ROMs for your device will appear. Choose a ROM and a list of version releases will be displayed. Select one and tap on 'Download'.

B. Download
The ROM will download followed by a pre-installation menu. Select both 'Wipe Dalvik Cache' and 'Wipe Data & Cache'. Select 'Backup Existing ROM' should you wish to save your setup. Your Android device will reboot and flash.

C. Enjoy your new ROM
The flashing process should take a short while to complete (and a bit longer if you're also backing up). Once the new ROM has booted up it may be slow for the first few minutes while the Dalvik Cache is rebuilt, but after that it should be plain sailing.

This is just one of many methods there are in flashing new and cool ROMs to your Android phone. When you are in trouble or need help, using Google is always the best solution. If you are going to flash a new ROM just beware that if things don;t turn out right, you may be in risk of permanently damaging and bricking your phone.