May 6, 2012

Android Tweaks: Install the Android 4.0 keyboard

If you have a Android phone from this year or the last, chances are you may receive ice Cream Sandwich update. For now, it;s just playing the waiting game. However, it is still possible to install ICS features on your phone without rooting it. Such an example is the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard, ported by Johntanmi and is available in the Play Store.

A. Download ICS Keyboard
There's a lot of keyboard apps in the Play Store but the want we want is the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard app by Johntanmi. Once it has downloaded, select Settings then Language & Keyboard and tick the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard option.

B. Switch to ICS input method
Now that you have activated the keyboard we need to tell the device to use it. From the home screen press Search and long tap on the text input box. Select Input Method from the context pop-up menu and select it.

C. Start using your new keyboard
As you'll see, the new keyboard is easier to type on and the predictive element works better too. Best of all is the ability to hold down a predicted word to bring up a menu of variations on the word.

I personally use the stock keyboard that comes with CM7 just because it works for my hardware keyboard. Most keyboard apps found on the Play Store does not work properly for my Milestone 2.