May 9, 2012

Android Tweaks: Give Android a fresh feel

There are numerous ways to change the default appearance of your Android desktop. Custom ROMs have optimized home screens and theme managers built in. For non-rooters it's still possible to obtain the same effect via a launcher app like GO Launcher EX.

A. GO Launcher EX
Open the Play Store app on your device and search for Go Launcher EX. It's a free application that can enahnce the performance and appearance of your Android desktop. It's 100% safe to install and does not require root access. Above all, it's extremely popular among many Android users!

B. Choose a theme
Press the home button and select GO Launcher. Press Menu and then GO Store. Next select GO Theme at the top of the screen. The filters at the top can help with filtering out the paid themes from the free ones.

C. A new look
Download a theme and press Menu then Themes from the home screen. Scroll through the themes until you find the recently downloaded entry. Tap it and select Apply. This is a small part of what this app can do. Enjoy your new refreshing Android home screen! Now all that is left to do is customize it the way you want!