May 11, 2012

Android Tweaks: Control media from your phone

A killer feature of iTunes and iOS is the ability to sync and enjoy your media over devices sharing the same network. With a minimal amount of effort it's possible to get a similar (if not as polished) experience using Gmote.

A. Install Gmote servers
Install the Gmote app and then go to the Gmote desktop server software link as prompted by the app. Install the desktop software and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your computer based media libraries.

B. Sync your files
Click the Start Gmote button and select your Gmote server. Press Browse and enter your Gmote server password. Your chosen folders should now appear on the display. Choosing a file will make it play on the computer.

C. Get streaming
Using the Play on Phone option it's also possible to stream content from your computer to your Android phone. It's a service that is currently in beta and not all formats are supported, but when it works it's a great feature.

I don't really bother with streaming content on my phone as I don't have a need for it. I personally use Ubuntu One Files to sync my files to and from the cloud and I use Subsonic to play my music. Although controlling your music files over the network may be completely another feature, Gmote does do what it says and is quite handy indeed.