May 4, 2012

5000 Hits - Congratulations from Pumpkin!

Good day fellow readers of My Bubbletea Time! Firstly, I want to apologize for my lack of spams posts mainly because I was lazy my supervisor was nagging me to produce more work. I'll be frank, there is a high probability that I will not post much in the next few weeks as I've got a talk coming up in 2 week's time and I need to prepare for that.
Anyhow, this post is dedicated to celebrating this blog reaching the milestone of 5000 hits, and us authors would like to thank you, our dedicated readers for all your support.

Initially, we were planning to set off fireworks in recognition of this achievement. However, we abandoned that plan when we realized that there might be potential health and safety issues/risks to such a task and more importantly, we do not own any fireworks.
Credits: overdoor
Hence, in such a joyous occasion let me share with you this fitting Vocaloid song composed by HALYOSY, called [email protected] (Note: The Japanese (Kanji) characters for the word fireworks can be literally translated as flower-fire [花火、はなび、hanabi]). The original version of the song was sung by Len Kagamine. Personally, I like the covers by SekihanClear and Marasy (Piano cover), just to name a few.

Finally, let me share with you one verse from this beautiful song to express my emotions:
Like a Fire Flower 僕が 


火の粉散らせ 夢打ちあがれ

(English translation; credits)
Like a Fire Flower 

So I won't get put out 

My sparks will fly and I'll launch my dream. 

Credits: LeftAndRight