April 23, 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 Roadmap

Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS hasn't even come out yet and the Ubuntu team is already busy scheduling the roadmap  to Ubuntu 12.10. What will it be called? Q...Quail? What will be in store for us in the next release?

The Ubuntu 12.10 release date comes from the tentative release schedule for the post-Precise release, which has been published online. In keeping with the last few development cycles a total of 3 alphas and 2 beta releases are planned. Alpha 1 is pegged for release on June 7th, with the first beta following a few months later on September 6th.

The full list of dates is as follows, but do be aware that they are subject to change.

Alpha 1 – June 7th
Alpha 2 - June 28th
Alpha 3 - August 2nd
Beta 1 - September 6th
Beta 2 - September 27th
Ubuntu 12.10 - October 18th