April 11, 2012

To The Mountain

So it's my holidays from uni at the moment. I've been making use of my week off by sleeping a lot! (And of course watching anime, but that's another story.) So today, I went to Mt Tamborine to look around the place and bushwalk through the rainforest. The scenery was great and I saw many interesting shops! Here are some pics to enjoy. =)

Setting out
First destination: Thunderbird Park
Enjoying lunch at the S'marge Cafe
My awesome 'Hamburger with the Lot'
Posing in front of a few gift shops
Finally seeing the waterfall whilst bushwalking
Musk Pencils
So this ends my brief day at Mt Tamborine. I had lots of fun! There were lots of gift shops varying from lollies, chocolates, candles, souvenirs, clocks, clothes and more! It was like a street full of gift shops. Also there were a few cafes to satisfy your hunger. In the end, I bought a packet of 'Musk Pencils' to try out and guess what, they tasted like sweet chalk! Seriously! That's what I thought they tasted like. I don't mind it I guess, but its not really my favourite. It was an interesting and entertaining day to remember.