April 18, 2012

Sekihan releases new single "SEKIHAN the TREASURE"

Sekihan is a renowned NicoNico singer doing covers of (Vocaloid) songs and his fame is on par with Piko. Sekihan is graced with the rare talent of being able to sing in both masculine and feminine vocal tones. Sekihan has released over three albums (EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Ikemen Boys Paradise, EXIT TUNES PRESENTS SEKIHAN the BEST, and EXIT TUNES PRESENTS SEKIHAN the GOLD), and have collaborated with many other Vocaloid composers and NicoNico singers.

Today, Sekihan released another album called "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS SEKIHAN the TREASURE". The official website with the album track list can be found here. The crossfade of the songs can be found on NicoNicoDouga (you will need to sign up to a NND account to be able to watch the video. Do not worry, the sign up instructions are in English! Just click the yellow button on the left to start registration.)