April 15, 2012

Rhythmbox: Powerful Linux Media Organizer

I have been using Linux on my laptop for a while and I have tried many different media players. In the end, I finally settled in with Rhythmbox. Think of Rhythmbox as iTunes. 

It features an easy to use music browser that lets you select your music instantly from the browser or from the sound panel integrated into Ubuntu's sound applet. Also, Rhythmbox allows you to easily search and sort your music by artist, album or song. Rhythmbox uses the widely supported GSteamer to comprehensively playback varieties of audio formats. 

That said, Rhythmbox also supports Internet Radio including last.fm streams. Your music can also be sorted in playlists so that you will have your favourite music on the go. To even further enhance your listening experience, Rhythmbox also features audio visualizations that are similar to Windows Media Player. 

Another feature that is quite useful is support for external devices. This allows you to easily transfer music to and from iPod, MTP and USB mass storage device, it works for Androids as well! Your music can be easily associated with downloaded album art and lyrics from the internet. Your audio CDs can also be played, ripped and burned within Rhythmbox.

Podcasting is also supported in the application and you can automatically download audio podcasts from the internet. The Magnatune, Jamendo, and Ubuntu One Music Store are widely available from Rhythmbox that you can easily browser, preview and download albums from.

Lastly, Rhythmbox supports plugins that extends the capabilities of your music player to make it even more awesome! Third-party plugins can be found here. There's also a set of tools here that add some Rhythmbox features to other applications.

I have been using Rhythmbox quite a while now and I have come to love it. I have tried Banshee but that was giving some problems in Linux Mint 12. I also liked the music sorting in Rhythmbox than in Banshee. Other music players such as Audacious and Clementine did not contain the features I needed. In the end, Rhythmbox is still the best music player for me. In Ubuntu 12.04, Rhythmbox has replaced Banshee as default music player.