April 24, 2012

Random Wiki Article - List of Unusual Deaths

I have, on the random occasion, sat and pondered about how I would die (assuming that Jehovah's day doesn't come before then), and I wondered that after I died how many people would be bothered to come to my funeral, not that I really want one to be held in my name. I personally don't find it appealing nor worth the trouble for others to summarize my uneventful life.

I'd imagine whether I would die from some incurable sickness, purely from old age, some traffic accident, overdose in caffeine, a heart attack, or maybe choking on my food. This afternoon, one of my friends posted in his news feed the following link to the Wikipedia article on a list of unusual deaths. This article kept me entertained for almost one hour.

It turns out that people have died from:
  • choking on a piece of hair while drinking milk;
  • a combination of indigestion and uncontrollable laughing;
  • attacked by a Cassowary;
  • a broken neck when the owner's long scarf got caught in the wheels of a car;
  • two strokes after reading a negative premature obituary of himself;
  • drank himself to death with carrot juice;
  • alcohol intoxication after immersion for twelve hours in a bathtub filled with 40% ethanol.  It was believed that she had immersed herself as a response to the SARS epidemic;
  • collapsed of fatigue and died after playing the videogame StarCraft online for almost 50 consecutive hours;
  • drowned after his kayak was capsized by a swan, which then proceeded to block him from escaping to shore.

So, how will you die?