April 17, 2012

New Feature: Pumpkin's Song of the Day

Hi everyone, I have decided to start a daily log where I share a song that I have come across during that day - called Pumpkin's Song of the Day (or PSotD). Most of these songs would stem from my 140Gb (and expanding) Vocaloid music folder. This way I can show more people the wonderful music by Vocaloids and gives me motivation to listen to my huge collection of songs. However, the music I share won't be limited to Vocaloids!

Today's song is:
Title: ごめんね ごめんね
Composer/Artist: きくお/Hatsune Miku
Album: 0003:a galaxy odyssey
Year: 2011
Notes: I suggest you listen to the song before reading the lyrics. This song talks about a daughter being abused by her father and some stranger "onii-san" (older brother). The lyrics hint at cannibalism.
Links: DDL from MikuDBOriginal song on NicoNicoDouga

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this music nor the contents of the linked videos. Copyrights belong to their respective owners and original creators.