April 18, 2012

Nanoir Lyrics Track 5 - glow

While I'm on a roll tonight, I'll post another set of Nanoir's lyrics. Note that for the moment I'll skip transcribing track 4 because most of the song is in Japanese, and I'm not fluent in the Japanese language. So for now enjoy the lyrics of track 5 - glow.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these songs or lyrics. All credits goes to Nano and various music producers. Also, there may be incorrect transcriptions of the lyrics since I transcribed these songs all by ear, so use at own risk.

Track 5: glow

The ice cold rain drops falling from the sky,
They tried to melt away all the broken scars.
The shining afterglow totally caught my eyes,
Someone’s smiling face hidden deep inside.

As the time is passing by we find the strength inside.
The beautiful lies are not so hard to tell as before.
And in the past I’ve had to taste so many different pains,
Sometimes I still hear them knocking on my door.

You, you, you, you fading away,
The way for you to see the tears in my eyes.
In this sentimental glowing twilight,
Nobody is there to hear me cry.

Just take a look inside of me,
All the scars you’ve given me.
I can’t go on not taking one more step,
They’re taking all of me.
Please disappear, don’t want you here.
I look at you and pray like this.
But tell me why I can’t go on,
I’m holding on to you so deep inside.

Now it’s time for you to walk the distance.
Nothing is left for me but only silence.
In this sentimental glowing twilight.
I’m falling away,
Alone I face the night.

You will stay forever deep inside of me,
Just my stupid little childish fantasy.
In this sentimental glowing twilight,
I’m falling apart without you.

Can you wipe away all of my tears?
Can you fight away all my fears?
Reaching out my hands trying to hold on,
To the you that I don’t want to lose.