April 26, 2012

Linux Tycoon Beta 4 Released

Linux Tycoon has been updated once again bringing it to Beta 4. This new version includes a "Sacrifice Volunteer" feature which can be found under "Assign Workers". You can now “sacrifice” your a volunteer in exchange for mysterious, unknown effects.  Some effects are good.  Others are bad.  (Mostly they are good.)  But once you sacrifice that volunteer… he’s gone forever.

Other notable changes in Beta 4:

  • Additional tweaking of the simulation engine based on your feedback.
  • On the Assign Workers screen, can now see how many Volunteers and Paid Workers you have assigned to each Package right there in the list.

You can voice your feedback of Beta 4 in the official forum.

In addition, Bryan Lunduke's other game called '2299 : THE GAME' is now discounted (down to $3) for people who want to help support him in his endeavours.  '2299' is a very different game than Linux Tycoon (a graphical, point-and-click adventure), but it has some groovy retro artwork, runs on Linux/Windows/Mac and is also DRM free.

Here is the link to use for the discounted price: Link.