April 7, 2012

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ (Kyari Pamyu Pamyu) - Candy Candy

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (a.k.a. Kiriko Takemura) is a model, entrepreneur and singer from the Harajuku district of Tokyo.

Kyary first started off as a fashion blogger, then she became a teenage model for Harajuku fashion magazines such as Kera! and Zipper. Soon afterwards she became famous in the fashion scene and she launched a line of fake eyelashes and appeared in many fashion shows.

In July 2011, she began her musical career by releasing her first single PonPonPon.

In August 2011 she released her second single Jelly and in December of the same year, she released her third single Tsukema Tsukeru.
Kyari has recently (April 2012) released another single called Candy Candy.

I would classify Kyari's music under the genre Lolita kei mainly due to the type of clothing and accessories she wears. Her songs and music videos are very cheerful, "childish", cute and involves fantasy themes.

I really can't explain why I love Kyari so much. Her voice and the music she makes just captivates me. Well, this is clearly not the style of music that I am interested in, but I guess one can always find time to fit in cute girls dancing weird dances and pouting with cute puppy dog eyes.