April 20, 2012

Humble Bundle Bontanicula Debut

It seems the Humble Bundle is back with a few indie games for Windows, Max and Linux. The new bundle is debuting a new gamr called Botanicula that is cross-platform compatible. In Amanita Design's latest adventure/puzzle game, you must guide a motley band of tree creatures in a journey to save their home from brooding, parasitic invaders.

Botanicula on Humble Bundle will help save the rainforest
Buying the bundle also gets you two more award-winning games from Amanita Design: Machinariumand Samorost 2. If you pay more than the average, you'll receive Windosill, a charming point-and-click puzzle game by the interactive animation studio Vectorpark, and Kooky, a Czech feature-length film with art direction by members of Amanita Design.

The games are DRM-free and soundtracks are included! Customers who choose to pay above $5 have the option of receiving a code to redeem the games on Steam.

You can also support nature conservation efforts by designating a part of your pay-what-you-want purchase to benefit the World Land Trust, an organization that works to protect rainforests and other wildlife habitats worldwide.

However, none of the games really interest me that much and they do not include Android, so I would have to pass on this round. However, if you are extremely bored or just want to support the indie developers feel free to buy the bundle here. The offer lasts for 2 weeks, starting today.