April 3, 2012

Google Play Store Updated to Version 3.5.15

Google Play Store Updated To Version 3.5.15

This is pretty old news now. For most Android users, your Play Store should have already been updated. Somehow, my Play Store update took longer and only today did I realize the change. It looks like the changes so far are mainly cosmetic, with the biggest improvements coming to the “My Applications” interface and reviews.

Changes to “My Applications”
New “My Applications” tabs called “Installed” and “All”. “Installed” is essentially the old view, where you can see all of the applications currently installed on your device, while the “All” display let’s you see your installation history. This could be handy when trying to recall the name of an app you downloaded last month, for example. Purchased apps have now been moved to the “All” tab, rather than being a sub-section of “Installed” as they were previously.

Review Filtering
A very welcome addition is the ability to filter application reviews in the same way you can do on the web version of Google Play. Users can now select to sort and limit reviews by a number of different criteria, such as which version of the application the review was written for or what device the reviewer was running. Being able to sort reviews by device means you can read only the reviews which are relevant to your specific hardware, a very helpful feature in the often confusingly varied world of Android devices. In addition, you can also select to sort reviews either chronologically or in order of how useful the community found them. The latter option should help weed out some of the troll comments popular applications seem to collect.

So this is the Google Play Store update. I'm sure most users already have their Play Store updated by now, if you haven't you may have to wait a little while longer.