April 24, 2012

Google Drive Release Imminent

By now many people may have already heard about Google's solution against popular cloud storage services such as DropBox and Box. Google Drive is definitely in development and should be released soon. According to some sources, consumers using this new service will get 5GB of storage for free. In addition, users can also purchase additional storage capacity to a maximum of 100GB for a monthly fee.

Google will be looking to target both consumers and businesses with Google Drive. The new service will take advantages of most of the cloud services we have used in the past such as Gmail, Google Images, Google Docs and Google+. No one is certain of the release date but every seems to say its bound to be released this week. 

As a huge Google fanboy, I have already closed down my DropBox and Box accounts and currently using Ubuntu One as my cloud storage service. If Google Drive supports Linux on release date, I will definitely switch over from Ubuntu One. As of now, we play the waiting game. One question remains: Will you be switching to Google Drive?