April 14, 2012

Google Currents Updated

Google Currents was introduced back in December and its purposed to bring news from websites, various publications, and blogs to present them in a more refreshing and unique magazine-like layout. Back then, the app was US only, however it didn't stop the APK file from floating around the internet.

It is only recently that Google allows international users like me to download and use Google Currents. The update now includes support for 44 languages and some other improvements. As such, sync speeds have dramatically increased by a apparent seven times.

The updated version of Google Currents removes the sync button and now an instant online sync feature exists now. There is still manual sync found in the settings which lets you instantly sync all your publications. In addition, Google trending features the local topics and latest stories in your country.

I have only been using Google Currents since yesterday and I think its really beautiful. The layout looks fantastic and there are plenty of news to browse through. If you do not have Google Currents, you should get it now!