April 12, 2012

DeBlur My Motorola

If you are an Android user with a Motorola phone like me, then you can understand my MotoBlur is such a annoyance. For those who don't know what MotoBlur is then I suggest you don't bother finding out. Why? Because MotoBlur makes your Android dramatically slow down by hogging system resources and forcing users to use their MotoBlur apps. I for one already had enough of MotoBlur so hence I was pretty happy to stumble upon a Motorola DeBlur script that removes all those useless MotoBlur apps from your device.

Note that your phone will need to be rooted for this script to run.

What the script does:
  • Removes many elements of MotoBlur
  • Removes carrier bloat (currently major US carriers only)
  • Moves removed apps to Removed_Apps folder
  • Replaces BlurHome with ADW
  • Duplicates the Blur look with preconfigured ADW backup files
  • Frees up about 50MB of space in /system/app
  • Free up about 60MB of RAM
  • Replaces the stock build.prop with a tuned build.prop (currently Photon and Electrify only)
  • Add Blur look toggles (Currently only available for Bionic (ALPHA), Photon and GSM RAZR)
  • Retains already installed apps and user info (I still suggest you back up your stuff)
I have used this script on my phone and I must admit, it works great! No more MotoBlur on my phone to slow down my games when I play. It has also freed around 50 - 60MB of RAM that I can use on games. So, my advice, don't get a Motorola phone with MotoBlur on it. It will just waste valuable resources and cause you much headache. Even though, MotoBlur was meant to be focused on 'connectivity' to social networks, it does a bad job at it. hence, here is the link to the script for anyone wishing to get rid of MotoBlur in one easy package.