April 30, 2012

April 2012 Recap

Since I have nothing else to talk about I have decided to do a end of month recap on what happened during the month. Well here it goes.

1 April was the day that Google unleashed its yearly pranks on the internet again. This year is was 8-bit maps Google Chrome multitask. It was fun and enjoyable to play around with even though it lasts only a few days. Pranking your friends and making them believe that these new Google services were actually real is just pure fun!

4 April brought Instagram to the Android platform. What was fun on the iPhone now can be used by Android social networkers. It was quickly bought by Facebook for around $10 million on 10 April.

11 April announced the end of Ubuntu 10.10, the distribution we have used and fell in love with. We also started to like the new Google+ interface on 12 April.

After so long being stagnant, OMGPOP finally updated Draw Something on 19 April. It was a memorable day as many users rejoice after suffering from so many bugs whilst playing the game.

We also cannot forget the memorable weekend of Supanova of 21 April where many new and cool pop culture stuff was shown.

24 April showed us the release of Google Drive which was determined to take on DropBox and the other major cloud file syncing services. What we saw on 26 April was a major event for all Linux users worldwide with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS finally released to the public.

Lastly, after so long being left in the dark, 28 April marked the date when Australia finally got Google Play Movies for users to download and rent movies online.

This wraps up another frantic and memorable month of April 2012. What will May bring to us? New gadgets? New games? We got to wait and see!