April 14, 2012

Android App Spotlight: Muffin Knight

Muffin Knight

Let me tell you about Muffin Knight. It is a simple yet challenging platform shoot-em-up game where you are tasked to continuously collect muffins in the level until you die. Simple as that. What makes it so addictive? Well, Muffin Knight has a variety of challenging and unique levels to play on, in addition you get to choose from a huge range of characters that gets randomized at every muffin collected. Don't forget the addictive multiplayer mode where you can either verse a friend or play co-op. Finally, you will have to verse the final boss. All this in one little game.

  • Fairytale Graphics - Stunning 2.5D graphics with enthralling levels
  • Cute and Cuddly - Play as 18 characters with unique special attacks
  • Depth of Gameplay - level up, unlock new characters and upgrade their abilities
  • Epic Boss Battles - In the end, you'll have to prove your skills by defeating the evil lava king
  • Cross-platform Multiplayer - challenge a friend playing on an iOS or Android platform
In addition, the game is Xperia Play and NVIDIA Tegra optimized for an even better playing experience.

There is a free version in the Play Store as well as a paid version for around $3. It's fun and addictive.