March 27, 2012

What!? You haven't heard Nanoir or Last Color yet?

Nanoir and Last Color...the two Vocaloid albums I've had on repeat for the past three days.
Nano's album - Nanoir.

SCL Project feat. VanaN' Ice - Last Color.
Firstly, Nanoir is a twelve track album by Nano (ナノ), and includes collaborations with producers such as Yuyoyuppe, buzzG, and neko. The great thing about this album is that Nano took well known Vocaloid songs and rewrote the Japanese lyrics with his/her own English lyrics. Nano's English lyrics are very meaningful and full of emotion, listening to them makes me feel like crying. These lyrics reflect my own thoughts and feelings, and they bring back distant memories from my past. This is a very rock-based album. The songs on this album reminds me of songs by the rock singer Avril Lavigne and the Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK. I believe Nano him/herself provided the vocals for this album. Nano concludes Nanoir with a calming piano version of Calc., a big contrast with the other heavier songs in the album, and the song brings happiness to the listener.

Secondly, Last Color is the latest, and sadly the final collaboration album by VanaN' Ice and SCL Project. This album features well known Vocaloid songs from their first album "VanaN' Ice", such as Imitation Black, Arrest Rose, Setsugetsuga and LovelessXXX. This album is sung solely by the three most famous male Vocaloids Len Kagamine, Kaito and Gakupo. This is also the main reason why I love this album, because I am forever a fan of "GxKxL". The vocals of the three Vocaloid boys work so well and so harmonious together. Of the various new songs SCL Project composed in this album, my favourite would be the third track "Le rouge est amour" because the style of the song reminds me of the Visual Kei band Malice Mizer. I would classify the style of music of this album under Visual Kei, especially considering the apparels of the three boys on the album art. I will sorely miss the collaboration team VanaN' Ice and SCL Project, however it has been reported that both groups will continue to produce more Vocaloid music individually - something I'm definitely looking forward to!

[Edit (30/03/2012): Okay, so it turns out after some snooping on Google that Nano is a girl!! Wow her voice is amazing, I think it is on par with trap-singers like Valshe. By trap-singers I mean that the person can sing in ranges of both genders.]