March 21, 2012

Website Update News

Hey guys,

Just a quick note here regarding some changes that have occurred on the website. You may have noticed that the 'footer' of the website now has a 'Mail' and 'Privacy Policy' links. The 'Mail' link is only for the My Bubbletea Time team members to access. The 'Privacy Policy' link was set up to let everyone know our stand is for your privacy and our protection when posting information online. Anyway, by request from pumpkin_so77, I have set-up a new topic called 'Music' that will contain posts regarding all types of music from all different genres and styles. This will not strictly limited to Japanese, but is open to English, Chinese and Korean. We will be looking forward in providing the interesting news in the music industry.

Apart from the blog, I have been busy at uni and been busy coding up KatarinaBot. Many of you probably already know what the bot is and what it does. Right now, I have released v0.2.4 of KatarinaBot to the public. It is still in 'Pre-Alpha' stage, meaning that it is still incomplete and lack many features. Also, there can be many bugs in the application, so it it is not recommended for everyday use. You can however, download KatarinaBot and play around with it and if possible, send me some bug reports and code suggestions. Since I am quite busy with uni work, I might not have enough time to efficiently fix and release new versions of the bot. So please be patient! I hope you will like my work!

MegaBubbletea signing off.