March 20, 2012

Tell Your World EP

I just realized that the 'Tell Your World EP' album has been posted on MikuDB two days ago! =O

I loved 'Tell Your World' and now livetune brings you the complete album featuring many songs including a couple of 'Tell Your World' remixes. Get it now! It is a really good album and I highly recommend it to anyone that is into Vocaloid and especially Hatsune Miku. =D

EDIT: Ok, I know I'm a week late, but I am extremely busy with uni assignments and long-term programming projects at the moment. I do not have the time to constantly check the Vocaloid news websites every day. Hence, I acquired pumpkin_so77's help in keeping the blog up to date with the latest Vocaloid news.

Track list :
01.Tell Your World
02.Far Away
03.Star Story
04.Half Step
05.Fly Out
07.Tell Your World [PandaBoY Remix]
08.Tell Your World [open the scenery rmx by fu_mou]

Download Link