March 26, 2012

Over 3000 Hits


Guess what everybody?

My Bubbletea Time has reached over 3000 hits! That's amazing since I started this blog only a couple of months ago. Thanks to all the My Bubbletea Time fans and regularly bloggers for visiting my site! Next aim is 4000!

Anyhow, moving on. My hard disk drive just died on me today. So I went down to my nearest computer shop and bought myself a snazzy new SSD drive! 120GB only though. Enough for Windows 7, a few necessary programs and some songs. I still have my old 1TB HDD as back up storage for anything else that wants to fill up my drive. For my anime I got a special 500GB portable hard drive for that! =D

SSD is the new HDD. So fast. Incredibly fast. I feel like I can do anything now. Also, don't need to defrag anymore!

MegaBubbletea out.