March 17, 2012

My LUL #4

And goes my life log updated yet again.

It's been a few weeks since uni started and I am finding it busier compared to last year. I have to do work experience this semester which is interesting. I have to do minimum 100 hours in the semester. Ganbatte to me! Anyway, uni aside, I have also been preoccupied playing 'Draw Something' with friends. Basically, it is a drawing/guessing game (similar to Pictionary). It is quite fun and addictive, however drawing on a touch screen phone without a stylus is quite hard indeed. My current streak is 'Turn 27' with Rhycen and I aim to push that up ever higher. That aside, I haven't played Project Diva in quite a while, ever since my save file got overwritten, I haven't been bothered restarting again. Maybe later.

Oh, and the blog will be getting a renovation soon since I have recruited a couple of my friends to help me post content to keep the blog alive. Rhycen and pumpkin_so77 will be covering 'Games' and 'Vocaloid' respectively. So now, my blog is more of a 'social' community blog that expresses opinions and thoughts of the web, life in general and the world around us. Although I would like to keep it a bit more personal to me, eventually you may get bored about my ramblings. So, to make things interesting, this blog is not single topic oriented rather it is more of a 'social' blog. I plan to include more social media and interactive applications to the blog in the future.

Ok, enough of the blog. Moving on. I am still using Linux Mint 12 as my base system and its going great! Cinnamon 1.4 got released yesterday and I'm glad they fixed up a few bugs and added some nice features to it. I still keep Windows installed on my system so that I can play games when I'm bored! =D

Anyway, enjoy your day. Stay safe and be happy!

MegaBubbletea out.