March 14, 2012

My Bubbletea Time Expands

Hey guys!

It's been a couple of months since I started this personal blog. Since then, I have tried to post more than once every day continuously. This is not easy since I do have other commitments to attend to and it is not always easy finding good information to talk about. Anyhow, I've asked a couple of friends to help me with my blog. They will be posting more specific topics in regard to their field of interest. So, I would like to introduce to you the 'My Bubbletea Time' team members.

MegaBubbletea - Founder/Administrator
That's me. I am the founder of the website and main administrator. I cover everything mentioned in the topics menu.

Rhycen - Editor
Rhycen is my main editor on my blog. Even though he hasn't posted anything, his presence is made known by the lack of mistakes and typos on each post. Rhycen mainly covers 'Games' and 'Technology' topics of the blog.

pumpkin_so77 - Author
A newcomer to the team, pumpkin_so77 is dedicated in providing you the latest news covering 'Anime' and 'Vocaloid' topics of the blog.

So that's the 'My Bubbletea Time' team! We are looking forward to produce more content and more topics in the future. Stay tuned!