March 30, 2012


Let me talk about my album of the week. Just Be Friends -ILLUSTRATIONS- is a 'Just Be Friends' compilation album featuring man remixes of the same song. If you are a totally Vocaloid fan, you will definitely know the song. I first started listening to Hatsune Miku out of curiosity and after a while I started to enjoy her songs. Now, I finally broadened my Vocaloid collection after downloading the 100GB+ of Vocaloid music. So I accidentally came across this nice album. I would like to share it with you.
Track list :
01. Just be friendsトモダチダッテサ MIX
02. Just be friends NTMGmix
03. Just be friends Hard-R.K.mix
04. Just be friends ごめんなさいremix
05. Just be friends mintia mix
06. Just be friends 80’s winter discotic mix
07. Just be friends Punk Ballade mix