March 30, 2012

Just Be Friends - Human Covers

Hi everyone! Today two of my friends brought up the topic of being hooked on to the Vocaloid song "Just be friends", so I thought I'll chime in too!

I'll be frank, initially I didn't like the song because I didn't like the English lyrics "Just be friends, all you gotta do is just be friends. It's time to say goodbye, just be friends...". I just thought that in reality when you break up with your partner it's really difficult to say "hey, forget everything that happened between us and we'll just be friends". This is of course skewed with my bias of not believing in "love/falling in love" (this is a matter I will not ponder about in this post).

But what I do want to share with everyone today is a cover that Clear did of the song JBF (Listen here!). I really like this version of the song. The tempo is slowed down a lot from the original song. It contains plain piano accompaniment, which I think brings out the pain of breaking up with someone you love. Adding on Clear's beautiful and moving voice listening to this version will definitely make you cry!

Another cover of JBF is by NicoNicoChorus (in fact if you do a Youtube search you'll find many NicoNico covers). This one is one of favourites. I feel that the various human voices have been mixed in successfully, nothing seems out of beat or out of tune. I am also biased because Halyosy is part of the team singing this song.

One day I would like to make my own "Chorus". Go gather up a few friends, sing covers of Vocaloid songs and record them. But of course that is one naive dream. For starters I don't know Japanese so pronunciation is a problem, and secondly I can't sing ;_;.

Anyhow, I'll stop being depressive and leave you guys with a cosplay photo based on JBF.
Disclaimer: I don't own this photo. All credits goes to the cosplayers and photographer.